Complaints - Reviews has been awarded an A+ with the Better Business Bureau which is the most highly regarded consumer protection site available. The BBB’s rankings are based on a grading system with “NR” and “F” being the lowest grade and “A+” being the highest grade. The BBB recently gave their highest ranking of A+ which according to the BBB is “An exemplary rating. This means that nothing in our files causes us to have any doubt about the company’s reliability”.

When dealing with or any company for the first time, you should definitely perform research to make sure the company is legitimate and high quality enough to handle your requests. The internet is a great place to find background information on a company and see customer reviews. But, finding legitimate sources that provide non-bias information can be tricky. Getting real reviews is not as easy as visiting a popular search engine and typing in “ reviews”. The best resources for background information and reviews can be elusive and not always show up as the first result in your search query. But, even visiting the right resources for information is not always enough, one must know what to look for in a quality company.

Background information on a company can be obtained through their website. Though a company website like may appear bias, it’s usually the place with the most information about a company. Simply look for certain qualities like how long the company has been open, the magnitude of their distribution and pictures of their physical location. Shopping, especially online, comes with an element of risk being that there are many scam companies out there. That risk is greatly reduced by using a well established company that has been around for at least ten years.

Finding legitimate reviews can be a tough task. You want to look on websites that are credible and you need to be able to discern real reviews from fake reviews. Unfortunately many companies post fake reviews on review sites as a way to undermine their competitors. Be wary of any review that recommends another company and provides a link, this is usually an online spam tactic.

One of the most important things to look for in a company is quality products and services. It is possible to tell the efficiency of a company based on its structure. The easiest way is to compare prices for similar or the same products. However, a more comprehensive way is to review the company structure; for instance, if the company sells products factory-direct that means their prices should be cheaper. Additionally, if it’s a promotional products company like having in-house customization also is a sign of efficiency. recently discovered fraudulent posts and released this letter in response:

Dear Valued Customers,

It has come to our attention that false reports were posted on several business review websites by our competitors who are struggling to compete with our prices. They have resorted to damaging and untrue postings about our products and services. Other companies may simply respond by using the same form of false reporting to hurt their competitors adding more misinformation on the consumer review forums; however, has been in business for over a decade due to our quality assurance and high ethical standards. ships thousands of individual products a month and millions a year, so we understand that every customer will not always be 100% happy with shipments. But consumer reports that claim has hidden costs or that we violate our contracts are simply untrue. In fact we provide free setup and shipping for most of our products and are one of the few companies that can advertise a 100% price guarantee.  And to the false reports that we violate the trust of our customers, we find these claims the most erroneous and hurtful of them all. Our long history of building trust with clients, some of which we have had for over ten years, has lead to an A ratings in the industry.
Unfortunately, companies who create fake reviews on these sites make it incredibly difficult for consumers to get correct information. This means consumers must be armed with even greater awareness and this site strives to help consumer research. There are three main factors promotional product customers should take into consideration when choosing a promotional product company: Price, Product, Services.

When it comes to price, it is not as simple as putting the products side by side. Some companies have hidden costs for setup, shipping and customization. has a price guarantee as any quality promotional product company should. Be sure to look for price guarantees or you could be stuck paying a bunch of hidden costs. Check the cost of the products before and after customization and compare them with competitors. Products should also be cheaper for larger orders, if prices stay the same, chances are the product is overpriced.

Research the product itself. Make sure the product is made by a reputable company that has been in business for a long time like Libbey and Arch. Make sure the product is made with a safe material. For instance, sports bottles and water bottles can contain a potentially harmful chemical called BPA. Therefore products should be clearly labeled “BPA Free”. If you are looking for eco-friendly products, make sure the company you are ordering from has facts about the product that prove it is eco-friendly.

Finally, quality service is just as important as price and product especially when dealing with a promotional product company. If the company does not offer a phone number to call and only communicates by e-mail it shows the company is not interested in customer service. Make sure the company has an advanced customer service departments as well as a sales and art department.